HiLookVision for PC – Windows 10/8/7/XP & Mac

Download HiLookVision for PC and Laptop. It is a free Android video surveillance tool which monitors videos of IP cams. This application is brought to you by the well-known developers of Hik Connect and iVMS 4500.  Just like other surveillance apps, it includes a feature such as video playback, two-way communication, multiple cam management, and notification alert. If you want to download HiLookVision for Windows and Mac PC then you are at the right place. Here we will tell you a guide on how to install HiLookVision for Laptop devices. HiLookVision for PC

HiLookVision App

This application is designed especially to work with NVRs, DVRs and IP cameras. It only supports devices which include Cloud P2P functions. Using this app you can see live footage of the cam from any part of the world. HiLookVision app performs its functions with the help of internet connection. So make sure that your device is connected to working WiFi or 3G/4G connections.

⇒ Playback Recorded Videos

Other than live surveillance of the cam. It supports a feature of Video Recording Playback. You can see any previous video of the cam. All videos are stored or saved in local and cloud storage. You can view them anytime or anywhere you want. These recorded videos become helpful when you have missed any part of the live surveillance.

⇒ Motion Detection Alarm

HiLookVision app also includes motion and facial detector. If the motion detector triggered you will get an instant message notification from the HiLookVision app. Moreover, it also alerts users if this app detects anything suspicious in the activity.

⇒ How to Connect Network Camera with HiLookVision

To connect IP camera with this app. All you need to do is to enter the details of the camera such as Domain Name, IP address of the cam, Port Number, etc. Once you have entered these details of cam on the app you can see live video surveillance. Make sure that your device is connected to the internet connection.

HiLookVision PC

Download HiLookVision for PC and Laptop

HiLookVision is an Android App. But with the help of Android Emulators, you can download HiLookVision for PC easily. The good thing is that you can download HiLookVision for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and HiLookVision for Mac. The reason behind this is an Android Emulator. If you want to install HiLookVision on PC then you need to follow the instructions given below.

HiLookVision PC Download

Steps to Install HiLookVision for Windows 10, 8, 7 and macOS

Follow these simple steps to download HiLookVision for PC Windows and macOS.

  • To download HiLookVision Android App on PC. Download and Install Android Emulators on PC.


Nox App Player

  • After installing the emulator on your PC. You need to set up your Google Account.
  • Google Account is necessary to download HiLookVision App on PC and other Android Apps on PC.
  • Now open PlayStore app on the emulator. Click on the search and type HiLookVision.
  • Select the HiLookVision app from the search results.
  • Click on Install button and then Accept installation of HiLookVision App.

Once installed, click on Open button to start using HiLookVision for PC Windows 10, 8, 7 and macOS for free.

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HiLookVision comes as a fully-featured surveillance tool made for smartphones. My experience with the app was good enough because of its numerous beneficial facilities. It is delivered by a top-ranked CCTV industry Hik-Connect which is developed by Chinese developers. Long story short, it’s always good to have such apps for a big screen.

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